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Creating a local brand that supports local business is important to us, which is why all wax, fragrance, jars, labels and packaging that goes into making each and every candle is locally sourced from Australian companies. 
We’re not perfect but we are doing our best to use ethical and sustainable products when creating our Betty Burns Candles. 

We use only 100% natural soy wax, cotton wicks and tempered glass jars. Each candle is packed with environmentally friendly, Australian made bio-fill and packaged with biodegradable tape. Both are fully compostable and can be used as food for your plants! 

Although we have some progress to make, we’re doing our best to work towards sourcing environmentally friendly products for you and for the environment!
It's always been our vision to create a environmentally conscious brand and as we grow, we're able to make better, more sustainable choices for our customers and for the environment.


All your deliveries, climate-neutral!

We recognise that climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time and something we need to tackle together.

 To minimise the environmental impact of shipping and help support forest protection initiatives, we’re offsetting our carbon footprint. 

Modes of transportation used to ship all our orders burn fossil fuels and generate carbon emissions. These emissions trap heat, leading to air pollution and global warming. 

Each month, we calculate the cost to neutralise our emissions and use these funds to protect our forests. 

 Want more info or have some thoughts?

Contact to discuss.