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Hot tips?
The first time you light your candle, make sure it melts all the way to the sides. This will avoid hallowing and promote an even burn.

Ever wonder why there’s so much black soot in your candle jar? If your wick is too long, it creates smoke and ash causing black residue. Make sure your wick is freshly cut to about 5mm before each burn.

It may be tempting but don’t burn your candles all night long. Your candles will last longer with shorter burns of no more than 2-3hrs. Trust us! The fragrance will linger long after you’ve blown out the flame.

Finished your Betty Burns Candle? Don’t chuck it! We encourage you to recycle and re-use your candle jars. Either freeze or heat in the microwave to remove remaining wax, wash with hot soapy water and peel off the adhesive label. You’ve got yourself a neat new pen holder, flower pot or our personal favourite, lolly jar! 
Want a candle refill? Email to discuss candle refills.